Messenger & Laptop Bags

Finding the perfect messenger or laptop bag is about more than finding a satchel for your macbook. You need a sleek and durable over-the-shoulder bag that keeps you organized and looks great in any situation.

Machir messenger and laptop bags are made with purpose, designed to look great in the boardroom or on the train during your commute. Every stylish laptop bag is built with quality materials, reinforced stitching and quality brushed metal accessories with refined features to make your workday easier — like organization compartments and dedicated electronics compartments.

When it Matters — Go with Machir.

  • Professional
    Quality laptop bags and backpacks designed for modern professionals
  • Organized
    Electronic compartments, pockets and document sleeves provide a place for everything
  • Long-lasting
    Quality construction and classic style for bags made to last
  • Accessible
    Convenient design with exterior pockets for extra storage and easy access when on the go

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